Remember the #longboardstroller? It’s here! #quinny #kids

Some people think having kids means you have to grow up and behave accordingly. Well, it’s true, having children requires some sense of responsibility and commitment BUT they do not require what most people perceive of as a „normal“ lifestyle. You can still be yourself and do the stuff you like doing. You might be a tad bit more tired and maybe also a little shorter on time… but who says you can’t take your kid out for a bit of a longboard ride, too?

Here you go, all you almost-grown-up longboarding mummies and daddies: the longboardstroller called Quinny is out and ready for order.

A cleverly designed mixture of longboard and stroller. Hence, the name, right! It’s a limited edition. So you might have to be quick.

It’s not exactly a bargain but in comparison to a normal stroller or all of the other stuff you have to accumulate over the years for the little rascals, it’s alright. That is, if you want to longboard and stroll through town all at once.

So, if you happen to get one, tell us about it! We want to know what you think! And what your kid(s) think, too!

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