Architectural #genius or #statement? Seoul will have Siamese Twin Towers: the #Cloud.

Expected to be finished in 2015, the cloud designed by Rotterdam-based architectural office MVRDV is already attracting a fair bit of attention or rather criticism, mostly due to this image and its associations some people might have.

the cloud (c) mvrdv.comDo you see it, too? Given the perspective and the world events of recent years, it might well be the worst ever design for a couple of tall towers, no matter where.

The Cloud (c) mvrdv.comBut if you try to imagine a world without wars or maybe just without human cruelty for starters, the architectural manifestation of a „pixelated cloud“ connecting two towers to one another does not seem so strange anymore, especially if it has a view! It might even be a brilliant idea that would put Seoul on many a travel itinerary.

What do you think?

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