#Living with no strings attached: ProtoHaus, a compact #home on wheels made of #recycled materials

Tired of your job? Bored with your surroundings? Can’t stand your neighbours? Not a problem! Well, it wouldn’t be if you lived in a ProtoHaus.

ProtoHaus (c) protohaus.moonfruit.comYou could just hook up the house to your car and go. Oh, but don’t forget to hand in your notice to your boss, file a change-of-address order with the post office, find a new dwelling in the destination of your choice, get another job and … okay okay okay, it wouldn’t be easy. But it would be POSSIBLE!

ProtoHaus (c) protohaus.moonfruit.comAnyhoo, can you imagine living in this less than 12 square meter small space? Preferably not alone? Always and not just for a holiday? Would it be difficult to strip down your things to the essentials and keep it like that? Would it maybe even be a new kind of freedom? To not have the space for just stuff to fill up your shelves and corners, your basement, your cupboards and the space under your bed.

The best thing: ProtoHaus is entirely built recycled and reclaimed materials AND it’s basically self-sufficient with separate water and waste as well as solar and wind power systems. Good job!

Well, it would definitely be worth a try, like a self-experiment. Anyone interested in giving it a shot? No strings attached 🙂

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