The #future is #now! No more stuffed wallets, just one #Coin and maybe some change. Easy.

I don’t know why it’s called a Coin but it is a pretty cool and space-saving idea for some light-weight everydaying. This all-in-one card gets rid of all the payment and membership cards that usually clog up purse or wallet. It reminds me of the various infamous credit card TV commercials promising freedom and comfort and consequently suggesting prosperity and beauty. Sold! And if not, watch this:

Bottom line: besides its simple and appealing design and the space-saving all-in-one aspect, the Coin even comes with a kind of recovery system, sending a signal to your phone if you’re leaving the „coin zone“.

Honestly, this gadget has directly made its way onto my x-mas wish list. It would also make a great present for all those tech-addicted friends and family members. Something to impress them with 🙂

BUT, is it safe? What about my confidential data? Can it be hacked? What if it’s stolen?

What are your thoughts? Is there even anyone out there who can share their experience with this kind of stuff? Please tell us!

PS: Thanks Mira for finding this awesome piece of technology! want WanT WANT!

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  1. ingavk

    Oh noooooo, das Ding kommt erst im Sommer 2014 raus… Das gute alte Kleingedruckte 😉
    Naja, das verlängert die Vorfreude. Immer positiv sehen, wa!

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