2 great product #design concepts that didn’t make it #boooh #crowdfunding

Our last post was about a rather current challenge of ours to find new office chairs for the sake of our physical (and mental) health. Well, the one chair that we really considered a breakthrough turned out to be just an idea, an office chair design concept with no possibility of purchasing it or finding a similar one that might already be in production somewhere.

So, today, I’d like to mention two more very original projects that – unlike the above mentioned TwistChair – seemed to be on a good path towards realization… but unfortunately didn’t see the light of day. Maybe they were too ambitious or too naively calculated. Maybe it was just bad timing or bad luck. And maybe one day they’ll be resurrected to make the world a tiny bit smarter and greener.

So, here goes:

Thumbtrack – the world’s smallest wearable mouse.

thumbtrack wearable mouse

Thumbtrack – a ring to click, swipe and scroll. Not only tastefully designed but a worthwhile investment – if only it were real. (c) indiegogo.com

The creators of this campaign had to „throw in the towel“ after failing to find adequate investment, despite more than 200 enthusiastic backers raising plus 30,000 US Dollars. A real shame. I was really looking forward to this little piece of smart technology (which would have prevented me from investing in an „ergonomic“ vertical mouse… have you seen the size of these motherf…ers??? Honestly!)

And the world’s first Plantable Coffee Cup.

plantable coffee cup kickstarter

The plantable coffee cup. Drink coffee and plant a tree – all in one cup! (c) kickstarter.com

I love coffee, especially GOOD coffee made with freshly ground beans and a nicely tuned machine by someone who knows what they’re doing. And yes, sometimes I get a takeaway cappuccino but WITHOUT the plastic lid. No sense in using any more of that stuff than absolutely necessary (which, if we’re being honest, might not be the case at all…). So, the idea, that I wouldn’t have to throw out the cup itself anymore either but plant a tree with it instead, well, don’t you just love it? We did. But unfortunately, the campaign went off rails with the creators doing a bit of a disappearing act on their backers. Failure is never easy to admit but not facing the music is pretty poor judgement. A double shame. The failure and the Houdini act.

Please, creative designers and engineers, go back to the drawing board and do it again! There are lots of people out here, who really appreciate your efforts and want to support you. Moreover, who want to use your ideas in their everyday life because they make so much more sense than what we’re using right now.

Was sagst Du dazu? What do you think?

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