An architect’s worst nightmare could be the #future of #wind energy #vortex #indiegogo

No more complaining about too much noise, no more dead bats and birds, just giant silent pillars that vibrate to generate energy: Vortex Bladeless could be the future of renewable energy, making it a much more feasible and quickly achievable goal.

Instead of the wind spinning giant blades, this new technology takes advantage of a phenomenon that most engineers try to avoid like the plague: the vorticity that creates rotating currents around standing structures, which normally threaten the structural integrity of a highrise building. A Spanish startup now wants to change the world by turning this really bad into a really really good thing.

It totally makes sense and could turn all the already existing and most importantly all those future wind parks onshore and offshore, which definitely threaten the wildlife and also some peoples‘ sanity, into not exactly beautiful landscapes but definitely less ugly and noisy ones.

Vortex Bladeless (c)

Vortex Bladeless (c)

You should really go and have a look at their Indiegogo campaign. It’s very much worth our support!

via The Verge

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