The longest 5 seconds in film history #slowmo #musicvideo #siska

How to make a highly original 3:24 minute music video with only 5 seconds of footage? Well, you should ask Guillaume Panariello. He is a French filmmaker and he did it. For the song “Unconditional Rebel” by Siska.

Okay, so there are some special effects included but one has to admire the amazingly orchestrated amount of action happening in the background within only FIVE SECONDS! So, maybe it was the shortest shoot a music video ever needed („drive-by-shooting“ gets a whole new meaning!) but the mise-en-scène, the preparations, the speed… Truly ingenious. A new kind of video that definitely makes the whole process of video production and production design around the actual shoot an art form in itself. And if you make it to the end (which you will, believe me!), have a look at the setting: industrial and romantic at the same time. My (not yet famous) last words: The moooooooooon!

unconditional rebel – siska from Guillaume Panariello on Vimeo.

Thanks goes out to PetaPixel and Claudia for sharing this awesomeness!

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