The world’s weirdest #upcycling product: shorts made of crochet blankets #fashion #etsy

You’ve always wondered what to do with that ugly vintage crochet blanket you inherited from your grandma? Why not make some clothes and look really funky like these guys?

I'd call this challengingly colorful pieces of ... wearable art. WOW! (c)

I’d call this challengingly colorful pieces of … wearable art. WOW! (c)

A fashion designer by the name of Schuyler Ellers came up with these. He runs the Lord von Schmitt shop on Etsy and sells his funky, seductively kneecap-enhancing fashion for a decent enough price.

Apparently, some women actually deem this look irresistably sexy. We’re still trying to decide. I guess some upcycling designs have to grow on you. And some are just a little too strange to really consider. Or too crochety.

How about you? Would you actually buy one of these, let alone wear it in public? If so, are you possibly also a proud owner of this thing or that one?

Found this on Thanks guys!

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