160 years later: Completely new elevator #design by #ThyssenKrupp #Multi

I am not an engineer, obviously. And elevators, their underlying principle and much less their potential, have definitely never been at the forefront of my mind, which probably is a very common disorder in ignorant people like me. Or so I’d like to think.

BUT learning about this new innovation by the long-standing and renowned (and a little controversial) German corporation ThyssenKrupp (and it’s been a long time since anything successfully feasible and popular in regard to innovation came out of any of the labs here) I can even get a bit excited about elevators. It’s just too good an idea. And that 160 years after the initial innovation of the elevator, a device that is pulled up and down a vertical tube by a rope transporting people within seconds (or a while ago probably minutes) to different floor levels without any physical effort on their part.

And this is what the future has in store for us: Multi, a new form of elevating. Extreme elevating, so to say. Stairs? What’s that? Have a look:

I just wonder – as I very often do – why nobody came up with this before. It’s really quite simple, when you think about it, and could have been done decades ago what with our knowledge of magnetism and constructing and engineering, even then. Is it just another one of those ideas that are finally revealed after being stuck in some kind of drawer for the last half a century like the electric car? A truly magnetic mystery.

Well, regardless of this kind of paranoia or conspiracy theory, it is a rather fantastic and quite unbelievably novel design and I’m curious as to its workings in real life.

Just another future technology our kids and grandkids will soon grow up with. Hopefully, we and they’ll be smart enough to do some other physical exercise to compensate for the yet decreasing necessity to move around on their two own legs.

Thanks to the Telegraph for sharing.

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  1. glanzundgloria

    Tolles Video, ich hätte trotzdem gerne ein Haus am See …
    Unf ich wiederhole mich gerne : wie schön, schön, dass es hier wieder schneit! 🙂

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