#Banksy – really arrested or still at large?

Yesterday, news broke on the National Report that the famously elusive and as of yet unidentified (much to the horror of the London police force) graffiti artist Banksy was arrested by a 24-hour task force in a supposedly very clever and elaborate investigation culminating in a grand finale of the raid of (one of) the artist’s studios. Finally revealing his IDENTITY. And bringing him to JUSTICE.

Soon after, more ‚vandalism‘ was posted on Banksy’s homepage with yet another one of his works of art: The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum.

Graffiti art by Banksy

„The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum“ (c) banksy.com

The question now is: which of the pieces of news is true and topical? Which is a hoax? Well, Banksy’s portrait on the wall of a Bristol building is certainly his work (not that I’m an expert but I reckon Banksy doesn’t need to bragg with anyone else’s work). But he could have created it before and only have it posted after his arrest, so that it would seem he’s still out there laughing his head off at the London police and their (former) smug smiles of victory.

Then again, he COULD – as seems to be the case – well be laughing at the complacency of his publicly serving opponents, wishing his alleged alias Paul Horner the best from afar and helping him out by committing yet another crime.

Will we ever know? I reckon the best is yet to come. It’s definitely a great way to start the day.

Go Banksy!

And thanks to my mate Dylan and the notoriously well-informed Kraftfuttermischwerk for sharing the info. I really love social media as a news reader!

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