Ignore the problem? Why not wallpaper it instead! #iamfinley

Wallpaper. It’s everywhere and there are are so many different kinds: plain, ugly, colorful, with or without patterns, nostalgic, postmodern, structured, depicting the latest holiday snapshot or full of teddy bears and matchbox cars. And they all have only one purpose: to cover up unattractive concrete and brick walls and decorate interior spaces. It’s probably a real fun job to be a wallpaper designer, don’t you think!

But what happens if you take the domestic wallpaper – whatever kind you like – outside and put it on, for example, a dumpster?

Well, the world according to Finley is very much about wallpapered dumpsters and beautifying urban space. And in light of the ever growing waste problem and the need to raise awareness and educate people about the effects of waste not only on our environment but on OUR environment, wallpaper just took on a whole new meaning.

The Wallpapered Dumpsters are an amazingly simple and effective art installation project. Finley, an artist based in Rome and New York, has the power to turn an eyesore and a problem nobody wants to really look at into a piece of art that does get noticed at long last. Not only that, people take pictures and spread the word. You can even join in and wallpaper your own dumpster! The most difficult part about it is probably the choice of a cool wallpaper design and not getting caught in public…

Let’s just hope, the beautiful dumpsters make a lasting impression because if things don’t change soon we need a hell of a lot of wallpaper to cover up the dumpster that is our planet.

Was sagst Du dazu? What do you think?

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