Honestly, I don’t really need a new #iPhone 6. Do you? #projectara

There you have it: as a media person with a bit of a techy streak I am definitely one of Apple’s disciples and have been for quite a while. I think I mentioned it before but it all started with this love-hate relationship with my old laptop and its bloody Windows operating system. I’ve never understood why everything needs to be so damn complicated in the PC world. Then I met my Apple Powerbook G4 and all was well. At least for a while.

When I started to believe in saving and reusing the phone book on my mobile phones, that’s when I realized: even with mobile phones there’s a Mac world and an overbearingly huge PC world and they don’t go so well together. Hmmmpfff. Fortunately, Apple solved that problem all by itself and came up with the iPhone. No more syncing, no more lost data, no more researching frenzies on the web to find out how to do something and then fail at doing it, no more torn out hair, no more keys, just a really awesome piece of technology with a straight forward and innovative operating system to match. YAY!

So, now I’ve got several Macs and iPhones and of course I – as the rest of the techy crowd – also think I need all the new stuff I can get, especially the new iPhone, whatever its specs, its size or its bloody price.

Best idea since the iPhone: Project Ara aka Phonebloks (c) twitter.com/ProjectAra/

Best idea since the iPhone: Project Ara aka Phonebloks (c) twitter.com/ProjectAra/

But you know what? I don’t really need or even want the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus at all. I don’t mind if we disagree on that but I would much rather wait until Google finally releases its Project Ara phone (formerly also known as Phonebloks), which is made of components that can be customized and replaced one by one. BUT… I DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH BLOODY ANDROID! (Excuse my French)

I really can’t be bothered to change around to the predominant mobile OS. Everything I do revolves around Mac stuff. I don’t need any syncing issues. Been there, done that. I want my electronics to communicate without hating each other. I want to feel the love.

Which is exactly the reason why I will probably end up buying an iPhone 6 and I’m sure it’s going to be a great phone and trigger all the right spots in my predictable customer brain with its sleek design and the bits and pieces that make it that much better than any other mobile phone…

So, if I could utter just one wish (in regard to my next mobile phone), I would tell Google and Apple to collaborate on Project Ara for once. We would use up less natural resources, produce less waste and the world might even become a better and not so competitive place. BIG SIGH!

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  1. glanzundgloria

    Gut gebrüllt, Löwe! 🙂 Bei der Präsentation des 6er musste ich an mein erster iPhone denken — damals hat mir eine liebe Freundin das Telefon aus New York mitgebracht (2007, lang ists her), und mir ist das Herz so dermaßen aufgegangen … auf einmal funktionierte die Snychro mit der Mac-Welt, die Adressverwaltung war nicht länger ein Hexenwerk. Vor meinem ersten iPhone hatte ich ein klappbares Nokia, welches ich auch heute noch — allerdings aus rein optischen Gründen — kaufen würde. Und mir geht es ähnlich wie dir, ich finde nicht, dass die „Neuerungen“ von 5 auf 6 DER Grund sind, ein neues Telefon zu kaufen. Mal abgesehen vom Geld, ist es Wahnsinn, ständig neuen Elektromüll zu produzieren, daher kann ich leichten Herzens auf die neue Revolution verzichten 😉
    Ach, zu dem Thema hab ich grad was witziges gesehen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOXQo7nURs0

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