Un-learn bad design? Yes! With the new Un-school of Disruptive Design. #unschools

Design is as much a part of our lives as the soothing quality of yummy food and rainy days in summer. It’s there. It’s both good and bad. You can’t ignore it but you don’t need to be aware of it, although many are.

What if the rain could un-learn to fall in summer? What if people could un-learn to hate each other and wage wars all over the globe? Well, surely, that’s not going to happen, although life would be so much simpler and the news more bearable. BUT: some people are convinced it’s possible to un-learn at least bad design in the name of „positive social and environmental change“. I guess this sounds a bit like the concept of sustainable design or Cradle to Cradle, which attempts to promote design principles based on social, economic and ecological sustainability.

However, these visionary and mostly creative people call it disruptive design and have very recently gathered in a communicative art collective, calling themselves The Unschool of Disruptive Design and offering provocative cooperation, drop-in classes or training to un-learn and learn. Always with the intention to disrupt whatever norms and commonly accepted principles everyday life and especially design has on offer.

Get un-done at the launch party of the un-school and disrupt design as we know it!

Get un-done at the launch party of the un-school and disrupt design as we know it!

It’s an international initiative as I understand it but in their quest for disruptive design to „un-teach“, the un-schoolers also like to get un-done at socially and economically disruptive events such as their very own Launch Party in New York on 3 September 2014.

Are you also too un-cool for the un-school? Find out! Analogous at one of the events or digitally on the web. We wish you lots of – yeah – d i s r u p t i v e fun!

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