Reviving the good ol‘ times by reopening a pool in Paris: The Piscine Molitor

We’re into history right now. And photographs. And architectural design. Maybe it’s the fantastically sunny weather that makes us think of swimming pools. Maybe we just want to go on a holiday to Paris and stroll through the city marvelling at the beauty of the old buildings, sitting in cafés dipping croissants into cafe latte and listening to people speaking French as fast as the TGV.

The Piscine Molitor then ...

The Piscine Molitor then …

... the Piscine Molitor only recently ...

… the Piscine Molitor only recently …

... the Piscine Molitor in Paris now: historical swimming for the rich and famous

… the Piscine Molitor in Paris now: historical swimming for the rich and famous

Maybe we just love surfing the net and finding stuff like this article on The Verge, a pretty cool online magazine made by people who obvioulsy have a passion for all things beautiful and smart. We like!

Anyhow, before we read the article, we never even knew about the Piscine Molitor, a grandly named 1930s iconic pool in the midst of Paris that fell from grace 25 years ago and instead became a haven for artists and youth subculture. That an investor would eventually take the chance and buy the place was pretty predictable. Fortunately, however, they didn’t tear it down but reinvented it and made it shine in new splendour, preserving the Art Deco design and its initial purpose: as a swimming pool.

At a price, of course. If you want to have a swim there today, make sure you’ve got some spare change with you. I mean, 180 Euros is basically a bargain! And if you’re at it, why not become a member: that’s only 3,300 Euros per year. So, if you go there for a swim twice a month, it’s a great deal!

Yeah, right. Well, we knew it before but it’s a surprise time and again: it’s all about money.

So, earn some, learn French and swim! Will ya!

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