Is this the future of #LA? #Skyvillage: a car-free „#architecture organism“

Not only the world wide web is filled to the brim with exciting, spaced-out, at times completely insane stuff. Some brains are, too!


Ziwei Song’s Skyvillage (c)

So, this is what the brain of a woman called Ziwei Song imagines will dominate the future skyline of LA: the Skyvillage. Why not. Quite possibly a structure being built in the year 2525 (if man is still alive…).

It would connect four of the largest neighbourhoods of the city (amongst them Chinatown and Downtown) and make use of 27 acres of waste land around the intricate spiderweb of freeways. And that’s probably the point: no spiderweb without a spider. There you go: a giant spider!

And while millions of commuters and commercial drivers roar underneath and crowd the freeways, roads and streets of LA, people living, working and shopping within the big spider will have to depend on their own two (or more?) legs and probably an armada of elevators.

If not exactly pretty, it’s definitely a very interesting concept: an architecture organism goes car-free city in itself.

What do you think? Should this become reality? Is this the architectural design of the future? Would you want to live or work there? Or both?

Thank you, Verge, for uncovering this from the depth of the Internet!

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