Read the signs! 2014 has more extravagant designs and insane ideas up its sleeve!

Oh, what a glorious year! Thanks to all our readers and followers, to those who commented and shared and liked and generally supported our efforts to bring some beauty and craziness to people’s screens and hearts! We promise, 2014 will be even more crazy and ingenious, more eccentric and innovative, more cheeky and inspired. All you need to do is: stay tuned!

To show our gratitude, we made the ach & krach calendar for 2014. For you, for us, for everyone.

zweitausendvierzehn mit ach & krach

Read the sign and have fantastically Merry Christmas holidays and, of course, a very Happy New Year!!! Thanks UNICODE!!!

If you’d like to get one of our calendars, comment or directly send us a self-addressed and stamped envelope (DIN A4) and we’ll gladly send you one or a couple or more 🙂

By the way, ach & krach will be partying, sleeping, eating, skiing, hanging out, watching films, cuddling up, gaining weight and NOT working until January 5, 2014. Means, we’re back January 6 and will send out as many requested calendars as you like! YAY!

(The cork just popped, so CHEERS and have a good one, everyone!)

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