More #data, less weight: dataSTICKIES – sticky notes instead of USB drives

USB drives are soooooo yesterday. If you want to be up to date you better get some dataSTICKIES and get going!

dataSTICKIES (c) datastickies.comStack and peel them, carry them around, stick, work and save, put them in your pocket, in your calendar, write on them, stare in amazement.

datastickies (c) datastickies.comNo more slots, no more caps, no more turning the screen to plug the drive in. Just stick and play! You and I probably have something in common right now: a huge blinking question mark across the face that says „WHAT THE F…? HOW DOES THIS WORK?“ Find out here!

The future is now. And the X-mas wish list is bursting at the seams…

By the way, these amazing digital sticky notes have won the Red Dot Design Award 2013! And if by any chance, you are a creative young professional you should seize the day and apply for the raffle for one out of 50 free registrations to the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014. ONLY TODAY!


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