Physics, #art and history: the Well-Tempered #Hygrometer – an #installation by Anna Kubelik

Art exists within its own right. Art is not about function. Or is it? Anna Kubelik, a Berlin-based performative object and space artist seems intent on proving that it is or at least can be.

well-tempered hygrometer (c) annakubelik.comMeet the Well-Tempered Hygrometer. This is not just any modern hygrometer with a digital display telling you about the relative humidity of air, so you know how to style your hair or if you should take an umbrella along, just in case. This amazing piece of art rather seems to be an anciently analogous and thus almost historically relevant attempt at measuring the content of moisture in the atmosphere with horse hair and wooden levers. Measuring, however, is probably the wrong word. This hygrometer rather plays with atmospherical changes, altering the shape of the snake-like wooden structure.

5.5m long with 384 levers attached to 384 horse hair –  it’s a totally whacked out and funky object the artist must have spent a looooooooooong time assembling. Anna Kubelik must be an extremely patient person. In fact, she must be mad or ingenious. Or both. How do people come up with this kind of stuff? The design, the physics, the craftsmanship. Truly art.

Have a look at how it works:

Well-Tempered Hygrometer from Anna Kubelik on Vimeo.

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