Oh, the #Farmer & the Cowman – Geographical #shelving for nerds #designed by Ron Arad

Okay, I admit it. I was ignorant. I didn’t yet know that Ron Arad is a renowned if not even famous London-based Israeli industrial designer, architect and artist. Did you?

farmer and cowman (c) ronarad.co.ukAnyhoo, this piece of his is called „2009, Oh The Farmer & the Cowman Should Be Friends„. Don’t ask me why (he’s always been traumatised by the fact that farmers and cowmen don’t like each other? Which poses another question: Why would he think that?) but it’s a pretty cool bookshelf if you ask me and I wonder if you could turn other countries, states or cities into original shelving like that.

Maybe Berlin? But I guess the only reason this Farmer/Cowman geographical shelf actually works for keeping books is that – thanks to US-American history of immigration and white settlement – boundaries used to be mostly agreed upon using a drawing table. Very different from the organic growth of cities and countries in, for example, good old Europe.

Oh well, not Berlin then. Who knows a geographical place that would make a useful bookshelf? Canberra? Brasilia? Is there any other place in the world with mostly straight-ish horizontal and vertical lines good for shelving?

And if so, anyone out there with enough craftsmanship to build one? If so once more, find out here, how they did it. And TELL US ABOUT IT!

Was sagst Du dazu? What do you think?

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