Only 4 days to go: the #Geometric Pattern #Book by Kapitza on #Kickstarter

geometric font (c) kapitza.comIf you’re good at reading geometric font you should probably support this follow-up project by Kapitza and donate for example £40 to get an Early Bird Book as soon as the book is fresh off the press. You might even decode the secret messages each of the pages might contain. Or write your own coded messages. Whooaaaa, the possibilities are truly endless. What if there is a colour code as well? Somebody please pass on this project to Sherlock!

geometric two book (c) kapitza.comI personally would say this printing test sheet would look fantastic on one of our office walls, preferably the one I sit across from. Just saying 🙂

PS: If you’re feeling generous all of a sudden you could have the chance to meet the Kapitza sisters and have dinner with them! And then drop us a line when you have!!!

PPS: Don’t forget to take pictures!

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