Documenting forty winks – The Ted Spagna Project: Sleep

As a kid I used to wake up in the morning with my feet on my pillow and I’d always wonder how the heck I came to lie upside down and managed to crumple up the sheets like that without falling out of bed. Well, I never found out.

I could have, if I had then known of Ted Spagna, who for more than a decade from 1975 till 1988 took photographs of people asleep and not just once but at intervals. Thus, he basically did important empirical research on the usually quite underexposed part of life spent in bed, providing the up and coming sleep scientists with data. And the rest of the world with some funny and unexpected pieces of photography art, documenting human nature when unconscious.

And guess what: Somebody had the brilliant idea of publishing a book with his work: Sleep. Well done, I say! This will surely make a fantastic present for people (like me!) who consider sleep THE most fulfilling and desirable pastime activity.

Billy+Anita 1980 (c) Sleep by Ted SpagnaBy the way: Ted Spagna’s work is being continued by a mobile pop-up photography studio by the name of Sleep Snapshots. Maybe they’re visiting your neighbourhood some time soon.

I for once wish New York was a suburb of Hamburg 🙂

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