Digitise the good old days: with the retro-looking Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

smartphone scanner (c) lomography.com

Thanks to this little gadget, cold and rainy autumn days – that are sure to reclaim recently summer-spoilt Europe soon enough – will have definitely lost its depressive edge.

When the time has come, I suggest sitting down with a good old cup of yummy hot chocolate, a big box full of old slides or filmstrips, your smartphone and this compact little film scanner: and you’ll have nothing short of a superbly entertaining afternoon turned evening turned nighttime walk down memory lane.

Until then though, get out and about, take your vintage analog camera with you and use up those old film rolls that have been stuck in the fridge for the past ten years. Be a freak and create some new memories using not so old but long forgotten technology! This is great fun waiting to happen!

Oh, and don’t forget to send us some of your scans, old AND new!

By the way, it’s really quite affordable. Certainly cheaper and easier to handle than all those special film scanners. Just make sure your kind of smartphone is compatible!

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