What is the world made of? Ursus Wehrli knows the answers: The Art of Clean Up

To get to the bottom of things – it really has been the most persistent curse of humankind (besides having to kill each other at regular intervals). Industrialisation, chemicals, nuclear energy, plastic bags, asbestos: each the result of ever-curious minds on a mission to find out what holds the world together in its inmost folds, a successful advancement at first and dangerous or even deadly in the long run.

the art of clean up (c) kunstaufraeumen.chIn contrast, Ursus Wehrli, a Swiss artist and performer, has found an utterly innocuous way to uncover the seemingly obvious make-up of things surrounding us in everyday life. He calls it The Art of Clean Up. I call it a fascinating endeavour to finding the secret of the mundane and visualising it with a fabulous sense of humour.

Chapeau, Monsieur Wehrli!

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  1. Ha, hab jetzt erst gesehen, dass man auf seiner Seite die Männer in den grauen Anzügen „aufräumen“ kann, lustig 🙂 Würde ja gern ein Screenshot dazu hochladen, aber stellt euch vor: ist sehr ordentlich!

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