The Information is Beautiful Awards reloaded – help find this year’s best datavizard!

Visualised information simplifies our lives every day. Imagine the next elections without the colourful and easily comprehensible graphs and pie charts. WHUAAAA! No one in the pub next door eyeing the news over a pint of beer would know who is about to win – or where the toilets are, for that matter.

IIBA survey results (c) Information is Beautiful AwardsWell, now that we finally acknowledge the significance of information graphics and data visualisation in general, we are delighted to announce that the Information is Beautiful Awards have entered stage two. After last year’s successful inauguration, you are wanted to submit your pieces of work and WIN.

Let’s go to London!

PS: Deadline for entries is midnight on Friday 30 August 2013, GMT. Good luck!

PPS: Apropos information graphics – we LOVE this book!

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