Young artist creates amazing drawings in the midst of a war crazed world: George Butler

He travels to some of the most dangerous places in the world, where wars rage and one never knows what will happen around the next corner. He usually only has 20 minutes to capture a scene and make a drawing. It’s too dangerous to stay in one spot for too long.

Battle Scene (c) George ButlerI’m not too sure if he’s brave, crazy or just plain stupid to put himself in these kinds of places and situations of his own free will. All I know is: George Butler’s work is fascinating, giving the viewer of his drawings an entirely new perspective on what has almost become „normal“ because we see it on the news but it doesn’t directly affect us anymore: war. Instead of the „real“ war scenes, which we don’t really pay attention to because they’re too horrible and fortunately far away, he shows soldiers asleep or in thought looking almost peaceful. He draws everyday scenes set in a world pulled off its hinges: children using tanks as playgrounds, refugees looking for a way out and trying to restore something even remotely resembling a life somewhere else.

He says, drawing helps him to come to terms with what he learns and sees.

His work is worth a peek!

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