Let’s play soccer! And generate some power by kicking the ball: Soccket. The WOW project of the century!

I’m in awe! It’s such a simple and fantastic idea, which could change the world forever. It might at least prevent further exploitation of natural resources.

soccket_lamp (c) Uncharted PlayThe Soccket Ball. A soccer ball that generates and stores power by kicking it around!

First have some fun and play, then plug in a lamp, charge your phone, boil water, or blow dry your hair! An amazing invention, isn’t it?

It’s definitely a project with great relevance in the future!

Go, check it out and support it!

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  1. ingavk

    wow indeed! this ball actually stores energy? shouldn’t they be having their own research and development centre to solve the world’s problems?!?!? WOW!

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