Simple and clever – design at its best: the Coffee Bench by Karolina Tylka of Beyond

Imagine this: you’ve just missed your flight (or train) and while you’re waiting you get yourself a coffee and – because you won’t allow some missed plane to waste your prescious time – you get out your laptop and sit down to do some work. BUT where do you put the coffee cup on the bench? And wouldn’t it be great if there was a table right there to put the laptop on? Or an armrest while you’re reading?

Coffee_Bench_K_TylkaAnd now look at this awesomely designed bench that should be installed all over the place in all kinds of public spaces like airports, train stations, parks, and shopping malls.

Truly and simply clever.

Congrats, Karolina Tylka! We hope we’ll see more of your work soon!

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