Finally! We’re proud to present TriplePLAY – an iPad magazine that explores the amazing universe of the Nintendo 3DS!

You are just as Nintendo 3DS crazy as we are? You’re not? Doesn’t matter. Just have a look at this fantastic (and FREE) special issue of TriplePlay, which gives you a comprehensive overview of the history of the famous Nintendo console and the best 3DS games available at the moment.

You’ll not only meet some old acquaintances such as Tetris and Mario, if retro or clad in brandnew designs and shapes. You’ll also get to know some pretty amazing new fun games like Tekken 3D and Pilotwings Resort.

Well, if we had known how long it takes for Apple to authorize this release (about 5 months! HA!), we probably would’ve chosen a less topical approach. But hey, get out your iPad, download the magazine and enjoy the read. It might just give you some great ideas for Christmas!

By the way, diese TriplePlay Sonderausgabe gibt es auch auf Deutsch!


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